Slurpee Day

A few days ago Karl emailed me this:

Then this Saturday, April 11 – from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time – is your day. It’s the first “Bring Your Own Cup Day” at the estimated 7,700 domestic 7-Eleven stores expected to participate. Folks can fill up any cup they bring into the store for the $1.49 average price of a 22-ounce medium Slurpee.

So on Saturday we headed over to 7 Eleven with our biggest cups.
Our hospital cups. 

I filled her up!
Coke and Cherry. 

Mirah picked Blue Raspberry and Cherry. 
She was SO excited. 

Nitsy and the boys came too. 
Karl got Cherry, Pina Colada and this yellow Mountain Dew.
The gang back together and loving it. 
We went to the park and drank out slurpees. 
It wasn’t great. We all had a sugar crash an hour later and took a nap all afternoon. 
Maybe not a redo. 😉

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