Easter 2018

Easter Morning dawned bright and early at the Pipkin Hite home. Karl just wanted to say in bed. So I sicked the kids on him. They attempted to wake him up with their “magic kisses.”

IMG_7264.JPG IMG_7265.JPG
IMG_7266.JPG IMG_7267.JPG

It worked. I made the kids sit at the top of the stairs, and wait to run down and see what the Easter Bunny had brought them.

IMG_7273.JPG IMG_7270.JPG
IMG_7271.JPG IMG_7272.JPG

Again, my wiggly babies.


We all had ears.

IMG_7274.JPG IMG_7276.JPG

And they were off!

IMG_7278.JPG IMG_7279.JPG


IMG_7280.JPG IMG_7281.JPG
IMG_7282.JPG IMG_7283.JPG

Mirah eating her Cadbury Creme Egg. She said it was only okay.

IMG_7284.JPG IMG_7285.JPG

Lucas ate a Cadbury Caramel Egg.

IMG_7286.JPG IMG_7288.JPG


He brought us a bunch of marshmallow eggs too.


The kids each got a new towel for summer time.


And a DOVE chocolate bunny. I was trying to take a picture of it, and Lucas wouldn’t let go of them.

IMG_7293.JPG IMG_7294.JPG

After all of that caramel there was some sticky fingers to clean.



IMG_7297.JPG IMG_7298.JPG
IMG_7299.JPG IMG_7300.JPG

The Easter bunny got Karl a new glider.

IMG_7301.JPG IMG_7302.JPG


IMG_7308.JPG IMG_7309.JPG

Lucas was LOVING his new PJ Masks books with reader.

IMG_7303.JPG IMG_7304.JPG

Mirah got all but one of the Princess in Black series.

IMG_7306.JPG IMG_7307.JPG

Karl had waited 10 minutes, which was long enough to wait to fly a new plane.

IMG_7310.JPG IMG_7311.JPG
IMG_7312.JPG IMG_7314.JPG
IMG_7315.JPG IMG_7316.JPG
IMG_7317.JPG IMG_7320.JPG
IMG_7321.JPG IMG_7322.JPG
IMG_7324.JPG IMG_7326.JPG


IMG_7327.JPG IMG_7328.JPG
IMG_7329.JPG IMG_7330.JPG
IMG_7331.JPG IMG_7333.JPG



We had a little breakfast, and then spent the rest of the morning watching conference.


We had a light lunch of left over sandwiches from yesterday. I made cheesy potato casserole and some veggie prep for dinner.  Then out to the hammocks for second session.


We had a visit from the Whitmores.

IMG_7338.JPG IMG_7340.JPG

Another great session.

936B07EB-B434-47C9-9A37-6B5D25632D19-13265-00000CFF9A5BB774.jpeg 114697B5-F809-4BD5-9687-D1CF9623C352-13265-00000D005D9DFDBF.png

Lucas still had chocolate and was having his way with it.



After conference we had Easter dinner of ham, deviled eggs, rolls with strawberry freezer jam, asparagus, and salad.

Thankful for family and our Saviors Resurrection today.

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