Lena Mae’s Funeral

Our friends Jordan and Susie had a terrible tragedy last week, their poor sweet girl Lena Mae England was born with multiple birth defects and her sweet little body couldn’t make it. She passed away after much effort and three short days on the earth. He wonderful parent’s hearts were of course shattered. They had a graveside service, which Krysta and I attended. It was a very surreal morning.

The service was held at the Provo cemetery, in an area called “Angel Garden.” IMG_7351.JPG

The plots were so tiny, even looking at it now is making me weep.


Which hurt my heart. It was a little area of baby graves.

They had these lovely programs that they passed to the group there that day.

IMG_7395.JPG IMG_7397.JPG
IMG_7396.JPG IMG_7398.JPG

There was a sudden silence and I realized Jordan was carrying the tiny casket to the grave.

IMG_7353.JPG IMG_7354.JPG

Susy (in the grey floral dress) and her twin sister sat together. Asher, their son sat between his mother and father. Holding their hands.


The service was lovely. They shared the complex nature of Lena’s condition. And in the end, after reviving her tiny body, a large team of specialists determined that she would not be able to survive any of the surgeries she so desperately needed to live. SO, for the first time they were finally able to hold her. They sang her primary songs, they kissed her. Her mother was holding he when she passed.

The grave was dedicated.

And then they lowered the tiny tiny casket into the grave.

IMG_7359.JPG IMG_7361.JPG

They passed tulips to the crowd to drop in.


It was a lovely service. My heart was heavy as I drove away, and I held my sweet babies tight when I got home.

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