Grandma Hite’s Visit

Well it’s spring break in Utah and in California and with spring break, in came a Grandma from California!
No one was more excited and happier than little miss Mirah.
Maybe her grandmother. 
We spent our days together reading, playing, and of course…SHOPPING! 
We went everywhere from the Dessert Industries to the outlet mall. 
We spent Easter and Conference together.
Grandma even let Mirah dress up in her clothes. 
We spent time with Judah and Asher, of course.
Sadly on Monday evening Grandma Hite got REALLY sick, and it knocked her out for the last part of her visit. 🙁
Here we are on her last morning with us. 
I had my 24 week appointment at my OBGYN and Grandma came with us. 
Mirah kept busy as we waited for our appointment to start. 
She built this lovely tower all by herself. 
It was finally our turn, so we went in. 
We talked to my doctor about a few things and heard the baby’s heartbeat. 
Everything was perfect. 
Next we headed over to a lab in Draper so Grandma could get a few things tested. 
Mirah found ways to pass the time here too. 

We dropped Grandma off at the airport where she grabbed a rental car. 
She spent the rest of her break in Logan with her parents and sister. 
Thanks for coming Grandma!
Sorry you got sick. Thanks for all of the gifts and toys and good times. 

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