Library, Dinos, and the Park

It was fun to be on spring break again. It was fun having Mirah with us during the day. It was cool to do the Libary story time with both the kids again, and to really see how much they had both grown. Last time I took them together Lucas just kept running off and Mirah couldn’t really read much. NOW Lucas just wants to see every page of every book the reader is showing. He LOVES it. And Mirah was reading all the words on the screen.

BUT before we made it down to story time, we went up to the chapter book area, to find some fun books to read.


Bubble time!


We are not pictured, but Karen and I are sitting together on the wall. She was reading the book she picked out.

I glanced down at the dedication page of the book I had grabbed.


She was already SUPER into her book.



Next, out to Thanksgiving point. We had lunch at the cafe, and then we were off!

IMG_7515.JPG IMG_7517.JPG



This is a picture of the kids, the had run off.


I made them come back.


So, again, Karen had been to the museum and was not that excited to go again. SO I told her about the gnome search and she was INTO it. She found our first one of the day!


Next we were over to the dig and build area.

IMG_7523.JPG IMG_7527.JPG
IMG_7524.JPG IMG_7526.JPG


IMG_7528.JPG IMG_7529.JPG
IMG_7530.JPG IMG_7531.JPG

We peeked in on the sand and water area and it was a ZOO so we passed it up and went straight for the weigh station.

IMG_7533.JPG IMG_7535.JPG

Passed two more gnomes and the big turtle and had to make a stop at the big shark.


IMG_7539.JPG IMG_7540.JPG
IMG_7541.JPG IMG_7542.JPG

We went out, and then said hello to the clouds! Yes, the rain came for most of the rest of the break.

IMG_7543.JPG IMG_7544.JPG



Lucas glad when Daddy came home.

Karl and I actually went on a date.

And Adam came over to babysit so we could see ready player one!

IMG_1137.jpeg IMG_1139.jpeg
IMG_1138.jpeg IMG_1144.jpeg
IMG_1140.jpeg IMG_1141.jpeg
IMG_1142.jpeg IMG_1143.jpeg

It had rained, and the rubber chips were all wet and the kids were a mess.

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