Hair Cuts and the Mall Train

Saturday is a special day it’s the day we do things that we couldn’t get done during the week while trying to do something fun between all the errands.

We had a really tough time getting out of the house that morning.  SO instead of breakfast out, we had lunch.

IMG_7587.JPG IMG_7588.JPG


Great place.

After lunch, we took the kids to get hair cuts at cookie cutters.

IMG_7590.JPG IMG_7591.JPG
IMG_7593.JPG IMG_7592.JPG

Mirah’s before picture.


Lucas was going crazy.

IMG_7594.JPG IMG_7596.JPG

He was up first. Cutie pie shaggy hair.

IMG_7597.JPG IMG_7598.JPG
IMG_7599.JPG IMG_7600.JPG

All cleaned up.

IMG_7601.JPG IMG_7603.JPG
IMG_7605.JPG IMG_7606.JPG

Mirah’s up.


She got he finished cut put into a braid.

IMG_7607.JPG IMG_7609.JPG
IMG_7611.JPG IMG_7613.JPG

We went to the Provo mall to play, since it was raining outside.

IMG_7614.JPG IMG_7616.JPG

We even went and got tickets for the mall train.


IMG_7618.JPG IMG_7619.JPG



IMG_7622.JPG IMG_7624.JPG




IMG_7630.JPG IMG_7632.JPG


IMG_7635.JPG IMG_7636.JPG
IMG_7637.JPG IMG_7638.JPG


IMG_7639.JPG IMG_7644.JPG
IMG_7641.JPG IMG_7642.JPG


IMG_7645.JPG IMG_7646.JPG IMG_7647.JPG


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