Easter Morning!

I was awoken this morning from a DEAD sleep by my sweet Mirah bursting into our room and saying, “Guys it’s Easter, LOOK!”

She was holding a foot print in her hand, a BUNNY foot print. 

There was a clue. 

As so it went. From the toaster…

To the fire place, to the BBQ,

To the guest shower,

To the printer,

To the garage, to the front room,

to the mailbox,

to our shower,

Then OUTSIDE to the recycling!

Mirah just wanted the candy.

There was a wagon too!

A new Elsa dress.

Lip gloss.

And two tired parents.

At least Mirha was so cute and happy.

We had popovers with home made whipped cream, and Karl’s delicious maple butter. We also had fresh mango and bacon.
After all of that excitement, conference was still waiting for us!

Love my family. Happy Easter! 

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