Easter Egg Hunt!!!

So between session on Saturday we had a little luncheon and Easter Egg hunt in the back yard. 

Cheese ball!!


The table was set.

The eggs were hidden.

Sweet Grandma Hite got the kids some CUTE Easter outfits.

Here is Mirah’s photo shoot.

Judah, Mirah, and Asher together in their outfits.

The of course together with grandma.

Then all the kids together right before the Easter Egg Hunt began!

The kids were ready. TO RUN!

Judah was in his element!

Mirah loved to run around.

Asher was doing it!

Karen was the boss of the crew.

Story was really cute.

I think that Karen and Judah were the winners. Still, everyone got lots of stuff. And no one seemed at all disappointed so that was so cute and fun!

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