Decorating Eggs!

We were so lucky to be able to dye Easter eggs TWICE! 

Our first time was on Monday night for an FHE with Betsy and the boys. We had a lesson on the resurrection, sang some sweet primary hymns, and then we were on the job.
Judah was pretty excited about this plastic egg. 
Asher was just EXCITED! 
In what seemed like moments the kids were mostly done. 

Karl got really into coloring his egg with crayons. 

Our second round was at the Whitmore’s! 
We were all set up the whole thing in the sunny warm backyard. 
Mirah got a new “sun hat” at the DI. 
She is SO cute.

Back to the eggs. 
Karen was totally into it. I forgot how artistic she is. She made some seriously lovely eggs. 
Mirah holding her eggs. She covered them in stickers. 
Speaking of stickers…
Karen is now missing both of her front teeth. Her little lisp is so cute. 

Fun thing, this is what happens when you dye a cracked egg. 
Also it turns out Mirah really loves boiled eggs. 
She peeled and ate two whole eggs at the table. 
After all those eggs a lady gets tired! 
Taking a nap. 

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