Little Terror

Mirah has been a little bit of a terror for the past month. 
Let us count the ways. 

# 1.
While in the bathroom the other afternoon, Mirah knocked over our standing mirror. 
We got in a big argument about it and then we both cried, and took a 2 hour angry nap together. 
Living the Diva Life. 
She is starting to get picky about her cloths. 
As cute as this often is. There have been times where she throws a total fit if I get the wrong outfit. 

Girl knows her mind. 
The other day she brought me this book we had bought at the D.I. 
She insisted that I read it to her, despite the fact that I assured her she wouldn’t like it. 
Well she did. We finished the first chapter, and she insisted we keep going. We are now on the last chapter. Spoiler alter, Charlotte doesn’t make it. 
Side note:
When you buy a book for 50 cents for a used book, give it a good look over before you commit. 
Additional side note:
After telling Mirah to go get some panties and pick an outfit, I came in a found her naked reading in her room. Well, she had sox on. 

Her hair is getting so long an lovely. 
She is getting extra picky about it. As well as putting it in her mouth all the time. 
I love her lovely little profile. 
Side note: She just will not look at the camera when I ask her to.  
So close. 

She is suddenly really into bananas when she never was before. 
She is really accident prone. One such example is while at nursery she ran into a chalk board tray with her ear while spinning around.  

Her sleep pattern has been a little nuts lately. She was sick last weekend. 
Then with no expaination, she will need help. Which leads to this:
She just needs to sleep on top of Karl. 
His face tells it all. 

Dance class is great and terrible. 
She loves to do it, as long as there is direct instuction. 

Too much free time and she looses it. 

ok ok. Really, she is just a sweet little almost 3 year old and I wouldn’t have her any other way. 

I mean what other little lady would lay down with me and hold my hand when I have nausea?
Who loves to snuggle with her dad?

And take sweet rides home on the way home from church?
Love her so much.
Life is better with Mirah. 

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