Tulip Fest 2018

It was the last week of the Tulip festival and we made it! W were excited to go and see it with our friends the Roberts!

Mirah and Aftyn, buddies for life.


Checking out some of the flowers we would be seeing.

IMG_8689.JPG IMG_8690.JPG

Some of them are unlike anything I have ever seen before!


And we were off!!

IMG_8763.JPG IMG_8764.JPG

It was seriously amazing!

IMG_8692.JPG IMG_8693.JPG

My perfect children on a perfectly lovely day!

IMG_8696.JPG IMG_8698.JPG
IMG_8700.JPG IMG_8701.JPG


IMG_8705.JPG IMG_8707.JPG

There was a Holand theme.

IMG_8709.JPG IMG_8713.JPG
IMG_8714.JPG IMG_8715.JPG
IMG_8718.JPG IMG_8720.JPG

SO many tulips. Oh my goodness SO cool.

IMG_8722.JPG IMG_8723.JPG


The kids were happy to feel free and have some time to run!



IMG_8727.JPG IMG_8728.JPG

We headed over to a play area with the biggeat scrabble board we had ever seen. There were SO  many people around, there was no way to really play a game.


We made out way over to the secret garden, and I just love how cute these kids are.

IMG_8730.JPG IMG_8731.JPG
IMG_8733.JPG IMG_8734.JPG

We threw coins into the fountain to make a wish.

IMG_8737.JPG IMG_8740.JPG


IMG_8742.JPG IMG_8741.JPG



IMG_8743.JPG IMG_8746.JPG
IMG_8748.JPG IMG_8749.JPG


IMG_8752.JPG IMG_8753.JPG
IMG_8756.JPG IMG_8757.JPG

We found our way to the Italian garden, and the day was getting warmer.

IMG_8759.JPG IMG_8760.JPG


It was at this point that Lucas decided to run off again, and I was just done chasing him.


So we headed toward the gate with out the Roberts.


The paper swan garden.

It was lovely as always. And, as always, feeling tired and grateful for my children, and spring, and this lovely world, and this beautiful place we get to live.


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