Cascade Elementary’s 50th

The Cascade 50th anniversary Gala was here! The weather was perfect so we all walked over.

IMG_8766.JPG IMG_8767.JPG


The School opened in 1967.

We walked through the halls, and the stopped in the library. We saw kids we knew in photographs, and since we only know one teacher we found all the pictures of Mrs. Sumsion around the school.

IMG_8769.JPG IMG_8770.JPG
IMG_8771.JPG IMG_8772.JPG
IMG_8773.JPG IMG_8774.JPG


They had cool books of pictures through the years of the school on tables, 10 years at a time. Year books, and personal photos. It was really cool.

IMG_8776.JPG IMG_8778.JPG

Each class had projects hung up on the walls. Here was Mirah’s:

IMG_8780.JPG IMG_8781.JPG
IMG_8783.JPG IMG_8784.JPG

Then above her door.

We visited Mirah’s room, and look, the picture she made for Mrs. Sumsion up in the classroom.


We did it. It was a lovely night and a fun event.

IMG_8785.JPG IMG_8786.JPG


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