A Day in SLC with Maryn

Early Morning on Friday Mirah and I drove up to SLC to meet up with Maryn.
Our drinks. 

First stop, the doctors office!
This one is for mom!
Poor Maryn has a super painful cysts on her knee she was getting checked out. 
While you try to forget how painful that looks, enjoy this little photo shoot from our post doctors appointment Trader Joe’s trip in the dairy section. 
After our little stop, we went on a drive around Salt Lake. 
It was so cool to see parts of town that I had never seen before. Maryn showed us all of her local hang out places. 
We grabbed some food to go at Greek Sovlaki. Then we headed back to Maryn’s place to have a picnic in her living room. We got some rice, and Pitas. 
Greek salad too. 
To share of course. 
After lunch we hung out on Maryn’s bed. We talked, laughed, and listened to music. 

Took a picture of a picture in Maryn’s room. 
I forgot what a great photographer Maryn is.  
We went home for nap time and to avoid traffic. It was so nice to be together. It has been forever since we have just hung out and  talked with no agenda or pressure to do much.
Love you Maryn! 

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