The Provo Rec. center was hosting a sweet event called Sciencepalooza!!!


A sign as we came in! 
Besty and the boys met up with us and we went in…
There were tables with exhibits everywhere. 
Del Sol had a table where they gave the kids rings, hair clips, and painted their nail with solar activated pigments in them. 
Both Ash and Jude got their nails done. 

Next we made these sweet gliders. 

There was a sweet 3D printer working on this sweet little number. 

We pet a snake and checked out this sweet spider!
I have never seen the inside of a beehive/wasp nest/ whatever kind of stinging bug lived in here. 
Then there was the bubble volcano. 
We went to the Rocky Mountain Magic Show. 
Mirah sat up in front with all of the other children. 
Gave me a sec to sit close to this guy. 
The kids LOVED the magic show. Ok, Mirah loved it anyway. 

There was a Frozen zone. 
All things to do with ice. 

Like this experiment that exemplifies how salt lowers ice’s melting temperature.  
Home made snow balls. 
This bubble thing.
We had Sub Zero ice cream, and ended the day in the play area. 
When we made it outside the kids were excited to see their nails change colors!
And Mirah’s hair clip changed too!!

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