Rock Fest!

It was Saturday. We wanted to play!
We decided to go to breakfast at Jamba Juice. Mirah had been having…potty troubles and so we got her a lovely green smoothy, to help move things along. 😉
She seemed to enjoy it. 
Then out to Spanish Fork, to Rock and Jewel festival. 
We got these cool rocks a door prizes. 
We were greeeted by Mr. Bones at the door. 
Mirah was not very sure about Mr. Bones. 

It was seriously the coolest puppet I have ever seen in real life. 
I had not been expecting the huge crowd that faced us. 

There were many things for sale. 
Like these, for $20 a piece. 
Or 5 shark teeth for a dollar. 

A dessert rose for $5. 
Hematite. Fossilized blood.
There was Rock Jewlery. 
Rocks for fish tanks. 
Huge jewels! 

Sharpened glass. 
These guys. 
Makeing Knives out of glass.
Showing off this HUGE fossil he just found. 

 A HUGE shark tooth. 
Then of course there was then glowing rock room!!!

At the very back of the room was Mr. Bones and all of his other puppets. 
Mirah seemed more open to it at this point. 
On our way out we got Mirah a Rock Candy for Mirah. Pink. Of course. 

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