St. Patties Day!

Every year I get more and less excited for different holidays.
This year for whatever reason I was feeling really excited for St. Patricks day. 
Mirah and I got up early. We got dressed and ready for dance class.
Then we had a green breakfast!

A little green dye here.

Looking wierd in the pan.

Even worse on the plate.

I added a little cheese and it looked a little better.

Just a touch of green for dance class.

When we got home we put on the same Hello Kitty shirt Mirah wore last year.

Looking CUTE.

Dinner time rolled around and we had invited Belle, Betsy and Nick, and the boys over for dinner.
We had a green veggie tray.

A fun table spread.

The kids LOVED the chocolate coins.

I made green Gallic bread.

Mirah was getting excited to eat!

We also had a rainbow fruit tray.
The was almost totally consumed.

 A green salad.

Betsy’s famous pot of gold mac and cheese.

And of course, Asparagus.

We also did a corned beef brisket. It was all really good.

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