Activites with Grandma and Grandpa Pipkin

Having Mom and Dad in town was pretty amazing. We sure did get around in the few days that they were here. We went out to breakfast at Joes:
Dad had never been before and the place was PACKED. 

After breakfast we went down to the DI.
I found these sweet holding chairs that we have already used a million times! 

Dad and Mirah were so cute. They sat and read together a bunch while we were together. 
Here is mom checking them out. 
It was pretty awesome having everyone hanging out at our house. 
Another morning we went out to breakfast. 
At Gurus. 
The lighting in this corner of the place was so nice, I took some really cute pictures of Dad and Mirah. 
Oh, Belle was there too. 

Love this one. 
Mom got dad an orange roll.
He was pretty happy about it.
We headed up to SLC later that afternoon to Grandpa’s viewing. 
We ended up in this scary room again. 
After some searching, we found Grandpa. 
I didn’t want to picture his face, but they decided to put him in his Civil Air Patrol uniform. He looked really good. I think he looked better that day than he had in a really long time. This thought actually really upset me because I realized how much pain he must have been in .
The room was full of family. 

We stayed at the funeral home for a while. It was really sad.  
I had a doctors appointment so we left after an hour or so. 
We went to dinner at The Italian Place.
My generous parents got the bill, again. I love these two. Always so kind and open with their means. 
Belle and Adam were always there if there was a free meal!

I got the Zues. YUMMMMM

The weekend of Grandpa’s funeral was also the weekend of our Young Women’s Church Ball tournament.  Mom and Dad came along to my games and it was fun to have them there with us. 

Here are my girls!
Tana, Emily, Maddie, Abby, Moana, and Grace. 
We won many of our games. 

The day of Grandpa’s funeral was 3/14/15 PI day. 
So after all the sad events of the day we went home and had pie. 

Grandma Pippy french braiding Mirah’s hair. 
It was so wonderful to have mom and dad with us. I wish they lived here. 

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