Grandpa’s Funeral

We all met up and Grandma and Grandpa’s ward building in Sandy Utah to remember our Grandpa John Barainca.

There was an impressive group of awards and accomplishments. 

Mirah was just happy to be with Grandpa and Grandma again. 

His funeral was well attended.
Mirah and Steph together again. They first hung out we we went over to help with Grandpa’s shed. 
Steph was so sweet with her and read to her and played with her while we busied ourselves with other things. Mirah was excited to see her again. 
Then of course there was Maryn. 
We practiced the song we would sing for the funeral, which went…not very well.  
Once we were done, we sat together as a family mostly quietly.
The funeral was really sad. Dad spoke. My own personal journal holds the sacred memories of the thoughts of my heart. Here I will simply say, Grandpa lived a full life.

We then went to the familiar graveside in Sandy.
We went their first for Grandma Murphy. Then for Jaqui, then for Grandma and now for Grandpa. 

Mom and Dad arrived.

Then wind came up, and the weather turned cold.

Belle was fine.

Mom came in for the warmth. Dad looks like he is loving it.

The rest of the gang arrived.

Belle and Sloan.

Not worried about the wind anymore.

Mirah and Maryn.

The Rocks and the Sukers were all there too.

This is the group of students that knew Grandpa well.
Thomas, the man in the rocket tie, spoke at the funeral.
He was the son that Grandpa never had. And he had said so.

The Pallbearers arrived with the casket.

Cameron dedicated the grave.

We took flowers from the casket.

To remember Grandpa.

Our dear old friends Sunny and Ron Hull were there at the funeral, graveside and luncheon.

It was a sad day. A chapter in my life is over. 

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