#6 Cookies for Mirah

Cookies. A tradition that always makes me feel really nostalgic. I miss Grandma, I miss getting these cookies in the mail for my birthday. Every time these cookie cutters come out, I feel so thankful that I got them.

I made the cookies in shifts this year. Tuesday I made the dough.

Wednesday when Karl got home we baked them.


We usually do it while he is at work. It just lined up this way, Lucas took a later nap than I had planned, so we were able to get lots done while he slept.

IMG_9675.JPG IMG_9676.JPG
IMG_9677.JPG IMG_9678.JPG

It’s a 6, not a 9.

IMG_9679.JPG IMG_9681.JPG
IMG_9683.JPG IMG_9682.JPG

I doubled the recipe. Why do I always do that? We don’t need that many cookies!


Don’t worry, Lucas woke up snuck several freshly baked cookies while I wasn’t looking.

IMG_9687.JPG IMG_9688.JPG

Thursday, on her birthday we decorated them.

Aftyn came over and we decorated together.

IMG_9755.JPG IMG_9757.JPG

These cutie girls.

IMG_9756.JPG IMG_9761.JPG

Mirah made a Twilight Sparkle cookie.


I baked all of the little holes, and made tiny cookies out of them.

IMG_9759.JPG IMG_9760.JPG

These are my boring cookies.


Lucas knew how to do it.

IMG_9764.JPG IMG_9765.JPG
IMG_9766.JPG IMG_9767.JPG

Later that evening, we had cousins over for a little family party, and the kids had fun decorating them some more.





IMG_9771.JPG IMG_9772.JPG

And these kids too.

IMG_9773.JPG IMG_9774.JPG

Keeping up traditions.

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