Mirah’s 6th Birthday- Breakfast and School

Good Morning Sunshine Birthday Baby!

Wearing he new nightgown we gave her the night before.


In her birthday dress, coming down to see her gifts!

IMG_9692.JPG IMG_9693.JPG
IMG_9694.JPG IMG_9696.JPG



First things first. Opening her gift from Grandma.


Grandma sent her a Princess Celestia dolly. And new pink jellys.


We also gave her a new craft bucket, refilled and ready for the summer.


She also got a new little purse for her outfit.


IMG_9702.JPG IMG_9704.JPG
IMG_9705.JPG IMG_9707.JPG

Breakfast of eggs and toast in the birthday hat we got a couple years ago from Grandma Pippy.

IMG_9709.JPG IMG_9711.JPG

I got up and took a shower…nice, I know. And I even wore my Mirah necklace I got at the Chicago Pier.


Then we were off to school. We dropped Lucas off at the Reign’s house. And took Mirah’s poster over to show everyone all about her.

IMG_9712.JPG IMG_9715.JPG

Then Mirah got to be Mrs. Sumsion’s special helper.

IMG_9717.JPG IMG_9719.JPG

She led the pledge.


Getting the kids settled.

Then they sang the days of the week.

They they talked about the weather.

Then they did this cool thing where they all take turns saying things that they like about Mirah.

Then Mirah got up and told everyone about herself and her poster.

IMG_9725.JPG IMG_9726.JPG

We went to library to check out books. While we were gone all of the butterflies popped out of their cocoons



So the class gathered around. And we set them free.

IMG_9729.JPG IMG_9730.JPG

It was harder than you would think.

The last one finally came out on Mrs. Neilson’s hand.

IMG_9734.JPG IMG_9735.JPG


IMG_9736.JPG IMG_9737.JPG
IMG_9741.JPG IMG_9742.JPG


IMG_9743.JPG IMG_9744.JPG

Back in the classroom, we got ready to go out to recess. Mirah picked the line leader, Mimi. And the door holder, Thea. We brought these Fancy Cakes, for a snack to share for her birthday.


IMG_9746.JPG IMG_9747.JPG

The girls played.


I left Mirah.


You see, Karl and I had arranged for him to come and pick her up that day. He took her to lunch. For her favorite thing, Pho.

Lucas and I had a date too.

IMG_9753.JPG IMG_9754.JPG

We went to chicken stars, or Carl’s Jr.

Love this boy.

Karl and Mirah had a blast. She was really surprised that Dad came, and she was so happy to have lunch with him all on her own.

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