First Visit to the Slot Canyon

We had gotten directions to the slot canyon. It was a little “two track” off of the dirt road. We had been warned off of going to the warm spring, since it had been raining. Apparently, the ranch is the closest thing to it, and they often have to pull people out of the mud down there. So we had no intention of going that way that morning.

WELL, we took a wrong turn, and ended up going right down into the mud. And SLIDING around and thankfully getting out of the mud and back on track.

But how does that saying go? Out of the frying pan into the fryer?

We were off road, and tilted and still raining and it was feeling like we were lost. AND yes, at this point below I was in tears, it felt like we were going to slide down the mountain side and get stuck and turned around.

Thankfully, Karl got us turned around and parked in a safe spot.

Not before I yelled at him, cried, and made him take the kids out of the car. I was so sure he was going to drive off the side of the cliff.

IMG_8967.JPG IMG_8968.JPG

Karl hiked down and found the slot canyon on his own. Then he hiked back up to get us. It was good for me to hold my babies and cool off. I was SO mad.

IMG_8969.JPG IMG_8970.JPG

By the time we were hiking down, I was feeling calmer. And it is always fun to have an adventure with this little lady.


We came down, and found it.

IMG_9032.JPG IMG_9033.JPG

It was like the labyrinth. It seemed to appear out of no where. It was hard to perceive the depth of the canyon.


And we were there.

IMG_8973.JPG IMG_8974.JPG

We were at the top of the canyon, and we clamored down together. I was last.

IMG_8976.JPG IMG_8977.JPG

It was seriously so cool in there.


Really you need people for perspective.


The canyon was about 500 feet long maybe. Probably longer. Lucas and Mirah loved it. They chased each other back and forth and back and forth down the canyon.

IMG_9004.JPG IMG_9006.JPG
IMG_9007.JPG IMG_9008.JPG
IMG_9010.JPG IMG_9011.JPG
IMG_9012.JPG IMG_9015.JPG

Even though it was wet and a little slick, Karl couldn’t help but do a little climbing.

IMG_9016.JPG IMG_9017.JPG



IMG_9019.JPG IMG_9020.JPG

IMG_9021.JPG IMG_9022.JPG
IMG_9023.JPG IMG_9028.JPG
IMG_9030.JPG IMG_9031.JPG

It was seriously the coolest.

IMG_8981.JPG IMG_8984.JPG
IMG_8986.JPG IMG_8988.JPG



IMG_8992.JPG IMG_8993.JPG
IMG_8994.JPG IMG_8995.JPG
IMG_8996.JPG IMG_8997.JPG




IMG_9001.JPG IMG_9002.JPG

The wind was picking up, and we were getting cold, so we headed back up the hill and got back in the car.


IMG_9037.JPG IMG_9036.JPG

Then back to the ranch to have lunch of Beddar Cheddars grilled over the fire.


We were just having a fun lunch, and enjoying all the peacocks out there.

Karl, peacock caller.

After lunch, we were all tired. So we took a nap.

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