The Whitmores Arrive with a Tote Goat!

We were all asleep, and then, we were awoken by a loud knock on the door, and the Whimores had arrived!!

And they brought the sun with them!!

IMG_9042.JPG IMG_9043.JPG

They also brought Karl’s back pack! So he had warm socks and shoes and a change of clothing!

The kids were off, chasing peacocks.


Lucas would run 50 feet, and then fall, then run, then fall.


That is the lovely thing about lots and lots of grass. Lots and lots of places to have a soft landing.


Zac loves it out there. Almost as soon as he got there, he got to relaxing on their porch. He actually was feeling pretty yucky. BUT he was a good sport, and still participated with us, in everything.


Zac’s dad had recently gifted Karen a Tote Goat, and they were excited to bring it along with them. Zac took a little ride, then Karl, ever eager to have fun, jumped on. I saw him zipping along the grass, and I thought, “he’s going to crash, and moments later, while trying to navigate a huge berm, he wasn’t able to find the break, and was thrown over the little bike.

IMG_9064.JPG IMG_9066.JPG

He hurt his knee, and rolled on his shoulder. No broken bones, but he got a pretty good bruise on his stomach.

I am writing this a week later, so I have a series of photos of the mark over time.

About a half an hour after the crash:


About 4 days later:

A week later:

Poor guy. He was fine, and was able to have a good weekend. The bike wasn’t hurt in the crash. So we took turns taking rides.

The kids were all anxious for a turn.

IMG_9048.JPG IMG_9049.JPG
IMG_9052.JPG IMG_9053.JPG



Lucas was SOOO excited.

IMG_9056.JPG IMG_9057.JPG
IMG_9058.JPG IMG_9059.JPG
IMG_9060.JPG IMG_9061.JPG

Then Karen was getting her turn.



IMG_9068.JPG IMG_9069.JPG


We all sat in the shade and chatted, and cheered, and laughed.


Ugh, then the stinky dog, Muffin, came over. He smelled SO bad. In case you didn’t watch the video, the dogs had gotten into a scrape with a skunk the night before and had gotten sprayed. They smelled SO bad.


Good times.


Ever the champ, Karl got on again. He did a quick tutorial this time on brakes, etc. Lucas wanted to get on again, but Karl was taking a solo ride first.





Luke was STOKED to be back on the bike, and this time with his favorite person on the planet.

IMG_9089.JPG IMG_9090.JPG

Mirah, nervous, and ready to go.

IMG_9091.JPG IMG_9092.JPG
IMG_9094.JPG IMG_9095.JPG

Krysta took her turn next.

IMG_9098.JPG IMG_9099.JPG
IMG_9100.JPG IMG_9101.JPG

It was my turn to ride, BUT I had to wait because it was our appointment time to go see the Crystal Ball Caves.

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