Cousin Sleep Over!!

Nick’s brithday was that Friday night and we had arranged to have a cousins sleep over at our place while their parents went out and had a night away.

We had a really fun time.
Pizza for dinner.
The a complete viewing of Big Hero 6! 

PJed out-COUSIN Style! 
Brushed teeth, sang a song, said a praryer, BED TIME. 
It went totally well. 
We had the boys stay in what is now Mirah’s room on what is now Mirah’s big girl bed. It was in transition at this point so it made a great place to have a couple of cute little guests for the night.
The morning after…
Uncle Karl was up bright and early to make the gang some delicious pancakes. 
The gang. 

After breakfast we headed over to the park. 
It is what we call the duck pond park in Orem. 
Most of the ducks had flown south for the winter. 
Karl decided that he didn’t want to sit and watch the kids go down the big slide. He wanted to join in!
They went down several times each time the enthusiasm and laughter rose to a crazier point. 
I had to take a video. 

Once the toys had all been conquered we were off to the “maze”
We have been with Asher and Judah to this park before and they LOVE this area of low hedges where they can play in the “maze.”

Asher found this sweet stick to hit things with. 
I found a bench to sit and watch all of them run around. 

Mirah took a spill and scrapped her nose. 🙁
And chin, and busted up her lips. 🙁
Things began to deteriorate a little at this point. 
We headed over to “Chicken Stars” (aka Carl’s Jr.) for lunch. 
The kids were having such a fun time when we finally dropped them off that it was hard to get them to say goodbye.

Later that night we went to Rubio’s for dinner. After the excitement of the pervious couple of days it seemed so quiet to just have one little baby.
Life is about to change. 

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