Krysta’s Brithday

The day was cold and cloudy.
We were surprised while we were a dance class the the clouds parted and really let it snow. It was the first snow we have had in MONTHS. 
Once we got home we got right to work.
There were two birthdays. One of my Basketball Young Women had a birthday, and we made her cupcakes. 
The of course there is the birthday of my love Krysta!
We made her the usual:
Birthdays are getting smaller as we get older. Which is actually really nice. 

Just our two little families. Zach and Krysta spent the day up in SLC. 
We hung out for a while, and then it was time for presents! 
Karen made her mom some “tapestries.” 

I got her some Biskrem and a few other little things. 
Love this lady!

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