Mirah 2 years 10 months

I have found that it has been fun to look back at Mirah’s development at my little posts.
It is hard to remember when thing happened, or when she started doing what.

So here is an update.
Sweet girl and her sweet face.
We have started working on reading and writing.
She can trace numbers and letters. She can identify most letters both upper and lower case in books.
She can spell both her first and last name. She can read her name, and my name and Karl’s name.

She loves to color, and dress up.
She loves hello kitty. 

Eating is still a challenge. 
Here we are stilling at breakfast. She can eat a bowl of cereal with out making a total mess which is pretty awesome. She eats breakfast and lunch with no trouble at all, but dinner is a CHALLENGE. She sits and will not eat. She is still having apple sauce squeeze packets right before bed. We call then squeezy’s and she has four at bed time every night.

She loves to go out to eat, and does better out. 
Here she is on Valentines day. In a dress that Grandma Pippi bought for her. 
She loves to dress herself and pick her own cloths. 
She is mostly potty trained as of now. One of our motivators to go pee is that if she has an accident mom and day will pick her outfit. It weirdly works. 
She goes pee and poo daily mostly on her own. She is still in a pull up at bed time. She still has a wet night time diaper. I don’t know when we will work on that one. As of the first part of March Mirah was in her own big girl twin bed. She has done SO well. We are so proud of her. She gets up in the morning, comes in and snuggles, goes potty, takes off her diaper, and puts on her own panties. She is getting so big. She can get her own snacks from the fridge. She gets her own clothes. 
Mirah has really started her pretend play time. 
Here she is having a reading party for her dolls. 
She loves her dance class.

She has a hard time dancing along sometimes. 
Taking a pretend bath is her book box. 
She has really started to get creative. 
She LOVES stickers. 

Here is a picture she drew of her dad. 

She LOVES to get things in the mail and luckily she gets lets of things from her grandma’s. 
We had started going to stroy time on the regular. She LOVES to read. 
We are on the last couple of chapters of Charlottes Web. I bought it at the DI when my mom was in town, and she gave it to me to read one day. I told her she probably wouldn’t like it. But after reading the first chapter she turned to me and asked me to keep reading. She has loved it and it’s been really fun.
We do a lot of reading these days. 

She loves her cousins. 
Here they are having a living room picnic. 
Finally getting a good on her bike. 

She sings and sings and sings all the day. She sings songs and even loves to change words on already familiar songs.

Such a goofy, sweet, polite, super smart, and sweet little girl. Love her so much. 

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