Mirah’s Birthday Party


Months ago Mirah had asked for a My Little Pony’s birthday party. I was willing to do the cake, a pinata and a few little other things. Here is the cake. Oh the cake. The story of the cake is long, so here it goes.

Monday: I went into Walmart, after going two other places, and ordered the cake. It was the only My Little Pony design. I filled out the paper, signed it, and handed it to the baker, who was English Second Language. Which was just fine, but I was a little worried about our communications.

Wednesday: I called Walmart that afternoon, just to check if the cake was already ready. They have decorators that only come in once or twice a week so I thought maybe it had already been done. BUT, after talking to someone in the bakery, who put me on hold for 15 minutes, I found not only was the cake not done, BUT they had no record of any order ever being made! I freaked out, asked them “how are you going to make this right?!” It was too late to order from anywhere else.

They called a manager, who called me back, only after I had ordered a replacement from Smiths. The Walmart manager said she would have it ready for me in an hour if I that would be okay. SO, I cancelled the cake at smiths and headed down to Walmart.

On my way there I realized two things. First, I had been on the phone with the Orem Walmart. Second, I had ordered the cake from the Lindon Walmart. I was horrified. I was the worst person ever. I called the Lindon Walmart to see if I could cancel the cake. WELL, after waiting on hold for 10 minutes the employee there informed me not only was the cake not done, BUT they had no record of any order ever being made! That was a freebie.

It took over an hour to make the cake. Additionally, it was made by someone who had clearly never decorated a cake in their life, Look at this little beauty:


It was supposed to be a single layer, it was a double. They didn’t even have a box big enough to fit this beauty in, so getting it home was a slippy slide mess. When Malia arrived, she assumed that I had made it, because it was such a mess. I mean look at the writing!

Thankfully, Mirah was thrilled because it was bright and pink and there were ponies on it!

Cousins were here, cookies were decorated, pizza was consumed, and then it was cake time.



Then it was time for Gifts.


Aunt Chelsea got her a lady date to the movies, just the two of them.

IMG_9782.JPG IMG_9783.JPG
IMG_9784.JPG IMG_9785.JPG

Judah and Asher gave her their gifts, with their cool home made wrapping paper.

IMG_9786.JPG IMG_9787.JPG

A home made chewing gum set and a new game called Blokus.

IMG_9789.JPG IMG_9790.JPG

The Whitmores gave her some sweet books.


Aunt Malia gave her a bunch of radical clothing.


Karl got her a special gift of walkie talkies.


They are pink and loud and a total hit.

Speaking of a hit, I got her the 5th Princess in Black book, and she was so excited.


This was her honest reaction.

The of course, I got her some my little pony lip gloss, and she was stoked.

IMG_9798.JPG IMG_9799.JPG

We got her a Twilight Sparkle sweater and some My Little Pony socks too. I also got her a new journal with a fluffy pink pen. She is really into journals these days.

IMG_9802.JPG IMG_9803.JPG

Then time for cake.


Oh my goodness this cake.

IMG_9805.JPG IMG_9806.JPG
IMG_9807.JPG IMG_9808.JPG

We passed out some party favors and baggies in preparation for the pinata.

IMG_9855.JPG IMG_9856.JPG

We did a pull pinata this time.

IMG_9811.JPG IMG_9812.JPG
IMG_9813.JPG IMG_9809.JPG

It’s better for little kids. We did it!

IMG_9814.JPG IMG_9815.JPG





IMG_9819.JPG IMG_9824.JPG
IMG_9821.JPG IMG_9822.JPG



IMG_9825.JPG IMG_9826.JPG
IMG_9830.JPG IMG_9827.JPG
IMG_9831.JPG IMG_9836.JPG



IMG_9838.JPG IMG_9840.JPG

Aunt Malia brought Lucas a little gift, to help him through his sisters special day.

IMG_9841.JPG IMG_9842.JPG

We gave Rosie Mirah’s old Rainbow Dash sweater, since she got a new one that fit.

IMG_9843.JPG IMG_9844.JPG

Flash forward to the next morning. Mirah in her new nightgown from Grandma.

Mirah realized that she never had any cake, and we had sent the rest of it with Malia to give to Betsy, who didn’t come because she was sick.

IMG_9851.JPG IMG_9853.JPG



So we dug a piece out of the trash… which she ate.

I’m SUCH a good mom.

Happy birthday Mirah. You keep my life interesting, and bright, and I love you.

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