Home Improvements

As new home owners we find there is a never ending list of little projects and things we need to do for the house. We feel blessed that nothing too big has presented itself. One thing that was apparent from the day we moved in was that our house had no numbers on it!

We bought the new numbers almost as soon as we moved in, still it takes time to drill in to brick. 
After running through the drill battery something like 7 times the job was at last done!
Our next big improvement was finally buying some furniture for the upstairs living room.
We had our new furniture delivered bright and early on a Monday morning. 
The purple chair in the background Karl found and cleaned and eventually fixed. He is proud that he found it for only $5 and even more proud of the final produce. Every time we have new people in the house he makes them guess on its value and what he paid…etc. It is cute. 
These tables are new. 
Mirah looking on, out of the way and excited. 
Our new couches. 
New lamps. 

A coffee table. 
We ended up moving the green chair up as well as the green rug.

We now spend most of our days there and it is quite nice. It is weird having two nice places to sit and talk. It is especially nice to have a place near the kitchen. More to be done, yet another space finished. 

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