Fire and Ice

It has been a warm winter.
Weirdly warm. I think it really only snowed a few times and it never really stuck around. There was still that didn’t stop the Rivierwoods to spend a chilly weekend having a FIRE AND ICE celebration. The fires were lit around the shopping center and there was even ice sculptures around to enjoy. 

There was a sled dog pack there for the kids to pet. Mirah loved this guy. 
Then the famous Frozen sisters were there saying hi!
There was this ice fishing booth where there was actually a person underground. 
Mirah’s prize: A little orange finger puppet. 
The kids even got to pose on a snow mobile. 

The end of the night was the fireworks show! 
I don’t have a picture of it, but the boys didn’t love the noise. They sat with their ears covered. 
Mirah enjoyed them at first but then, suddenly, was OVER it. 
Super fun time!

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