A Quiet Weekend

The theme of this weekend was sleeping, cleaning, and quiet.

Like my sweet beautiful wonderful Karl who spent an hour this morning cleaning the floors on the main level of the house! I mean you can see the grout!!


I did the dishes, took out the trash, cleaned the play room, cleaned all of the bedrooms, vacuumed the whole house, cleaned the downstairs TV area, cleaned out the couch, and organized and cleaned the laundry room.

That afternoon the beautiful Whitmore’s came over. We talked, did some hammock time, and then went out for tacos. We ate at a little taco Truck on State street in Orem. It was really good, BUT it was right on state street and Lucas is a runner, so it took everything I had to just get through dinner, so no pictures.

After dinner, we went on a double date to see Solo with the Whitmores!

Can you believe this?


We loved the movie.


We had church the next day, but after church we were beat. Lucas was sick, so he and Karl stayed home. THEN I had to go to ward counsil. Lucas, Karl and I had a long nap that afternoon. But Mirah was awake and made a little Mirah trivia game.


The questions:


“what dool is my favrit.

Or what doll is my favorite?

I said Twilight Sparkle. Karl said, fluffy her seal. She had written her answer on a paper before we answered.


Karl was right. Here is Karl. With the first place metal.


Second place certificate:



Karl altered it so he could wear it.







We had dinner, and went to sleep early. A nice lazy couple of days.

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