Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!

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We spent the day like we usually do. We visit a cemetery, take a bike ride, and have a BBQ.

First stop, the cemetery in Sandy. We were there to visit Grandma Denny, Grandpa Johnny, and Aunt Jackie. When we arrived the grave was already surrounded by a mass of strangers. They belonged to this man:

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He was a student + of my Grandpa’s. It seemed his family did this on memorial day, they visited lots of people at the cemetary. He was a stop. BUT my feelings about my grandpa are complex, so it was hard to stand there and listen to him gush about what a wonderful man he was, and how he acheived all he had becasue of Grandpa, and how they went on trips together, and Oh, he had never even met my grandma. BUT I am sure he met the teacher at the school that my grandpa was having an affair with. *ugh* Rant over. One of his daughters srpinkeled flower pettels all over the headstone. But when Lucas stepped on it for a second, he yanked him off. *ugh* Now rant over.

The left and we spent time talking about them both.

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Mirah doesn’t remember them anymore. Lucas will never know them. It’s really sad. I think about her a lot these days. She would have some good advice I know it.

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Next it was time for a bike ride! We brought all of our bike, and both of our trailers out to Daybreak. We got all the stuff unloaded and the kids were so excited about it.

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As the adults did some bike maintenance the kids road back and forth up and down the alley.



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Poor Lucas hurt his toe.


We finally got loaded up.


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Lucas loved the ride.


We took a break after a while to play HQ.


These little ladies were only medium about the adventure.


Mirah picked a daisy for me, that I got to wear for the ride.


Can you see the baby duckies?


Over one of the many bridges.

IMG_0142.JPG IMG_0145.JPG

Out to one of the docks.

IMG_0147.JPG IMG_0149.JPG

These cuties fell asleep.


We stopped at a park at the end of the ride.




It started to rain, and so we quickly packed up the kiddos. It didn’t really start raining until we all got back to the house. Tender mercy.

The kids played while we all made dinner:

IMG_0159.JPG IMG_0160.JPG

We had carne asada, pollo asada, guac, rice, beans, watermelon, and tortillas.

It was so so good.

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