Cascade Carnival 2018

It was the annual Cascade Carnival. The day was sunny and warm. It had been raining that morning, so it was a wonderful miracle that the weather was clear that evening. We walked over to the school. Mirah road her bike, and Lucas road in the wagon.

IMG_0176.JPG IMG_0177.JPG
Our first stop: Cotton Candy! IMG_0178.JPG IMG_0180.JPG

The carnival rides were the fun blowup type, and both the kids were having a blast. We had wrist bands that allowed the kids to go on all of the rides they liked. Lucas was happy to go up and down on the slides.

IMG_0183.JPG IMG_0185.JPG



Mirah ran around with her friends, but did some sliding too.

IMG_0187.JPG IMG_0188.JPG

Yes, there were three slides.


Here are some of the buddies from her class that I mentioned.

IMG_0190.JPG IMG_0193.JPG

From left to right: Mirah, Aaron, James, Thea, Samantha, and Mani.

There were also food trucks. We had a bunch of fried Asian food.

IMG_0194.JPG IMG_0196.JPG
IMG_0197.JPG IMG_0195.JPG
IMG_0198.JPG IMG_0200.JPG

More kids in line.

IMG_0202.JPG IMG_0204.JPG

Above from left to right: Jacob, Mirah, Samantha, and Thea.

Below: Mirah, Thea, Samantha, Cooper.

IMG_0208.JPG IMG_0209.JPG
IMG_0211.JPG IMG_0210.JPG

It was Mirah’s turn.

IMG_0212.JPG IMG_0213.JPG
IMG_0214.JPG IMG_0215.JPG

Then there was this train thing…

IMG_0218.JPG IMG_0219.JPG

There was also carnival games!


We had such a fantastic time!

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