Karen’s First Day of Vacation

Krysta is being a working mom, and so I get the prize of getting to hang out with Karen while she is at work!

Lucky for Lucas, who LOVES her so much.

First thing was first, we went to the library. Karen and Lucas’s favorite place.

They went running in ahead of me.


Then while I paid a fine, Karen kept an eye on Lucas for me.

IMG_0162.JPG IMG_0163.JPG

I think it was a challenge.

Then they road the elevator up and down about 10 times. Then we found a couple of books.


This one, was one of the rejects. haha.

We went to the store, we had grilled cheese and soup with strawberries on the side,

Then Popsicle for a fun summer dessert.

Now, while I am blogging, Mirah and Karen are doing school stuff and reading, and I am getting ready to take a nap.

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