Post Christmas Adventures

We have been busy this past week.

On the day after Christmas we headed up to Salt Lake. 

We visited Grandpa John at his rehab facility.
With encouragement from is OT Mirah played catch with grandpa for a while. It was comically bad, but it was so cute. 
Then they practiced sitting up. 

After physical therapy, we had lunch with grandpa. We met his friends Chris and Loyd.  The are funny men. They all sit and eat silently together. And they all have matching hats. When grandpa got the table without his hat, Chris sent some to go and get it for him. He was a sweet man. Grandpa seemed happy. We had a really yummy Chicken noodle soup to start. Then a plate of Salisbury steak, stewed tomatoes and au gratin potatoes. Grandpa had rice instead. Then to finish it off we had apple sauce. A really great meal for a toddler. We had hot coco and tomato juice with lunch. And got to know grandpa’s friends a little better. 

While we were with Grandpa, Bell and Karl were with Cameron, helping out with his move. 
They just bought this new place in Murray, and it was a super great find. 

Belle was especially happy because it meant all of her stuff was out from under Cam’s and she had cloths, bedding and her stuff again. 
Mirah and Sloan, or Sloaner as Mirah calls him had a blast running around in the place. 

They ran around in and out of all the rooms. Laughing and giggling. We eventually we cornered them into Sloan’s new room with all of the toys. They actually played together pretty well. It was really cute. 
We spent most of the day at their place or at their storage unit. 
After the move, Cam took the four of us out to Chuck a Rama. We ate till we could pop. 
Saturday. A lazy morning. 
We went to Joe’s for breakfast together. The plan was to spend the whole day with Karl’s parents on their last day in town. 

Then to the Hobbit with Karl’s parents. Mirah and Belle hung out at the house. After the movie we napped, hung out, played games, and had dinner together. Nitsy and the boys came by later that evening to have pizza with us. Jim and Lynnelle left on Sunday. 
Karl has been home this week. The weather has turned SO cold. Here in Orem the winds are strong and cold and we have stayed home much of the time and done little odd jobs around the house.
Here we are tonight, new years eve. 
We went to Panda express and ordered a LOAD of food. 
We watched How to Train your Dragon, and the did the King Julian’s New Years Countdown. 
Karl is now putting Mirah to bed.  I had better sign off.

2014, a really hard year. So much turmoil and death. Still so much to be grateful for. Here’s hoping 2015 is a little brighter. 

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