Christmas Day 2014

In the middle of the night a Christmas Miracle occurred:

SNOW! We had a truly white Christmas! 

We went down to the where the Christmas tree was and all the the millions of presents were waiting for us!

Mirah was excited about her stalking and all of the candy that it contained. 
There were so many gifts to enjoy…like this easel from Grandma and Grandpa Hite. 
BUT before we opened any more gifts…we needed to read the littlest Angel. 
Belle was so excited…
and annoyed at early morning pictures. 
We read our book. Shed a few tears, and took some time before we opened gifts to remember our Savior. 
Then we opened our stalkings. 

And in odered to stop Mirah from eating all of the candy from her stalking…we started to open our gifts. 
Like this CRATE of cookies and cream milk from our friend Jess. 
She couldn’t wait another second. 
My candy.
Belle’s new jacket. 
Mirah’s new tea set. 
and Pete the cat Dolly from Grandma and Grandpa Pippy. 
And Elsa Dress. (She also got her wagon and Anna dress.)

The day was spent with family and friends.
We feel so blessed. 

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