Christmas Eve 2014

It was Christmas Eve and in true Hite fashion, we had enough food to feed about 50 people. Big sandwiches were of course on the menu. 

Betsy even made her delicous mac and cheese. I even attempted to make my mom’s 7 layer bean dip:

The attendee’s included:
Mom and Dad Hite. Karl, Mirah and Myseld. Krystin and Mary. Betys, Nick, Judah, and Asher. 
My plate. 
A new addition this year:
A panini press given to us as a gift from the lovely Nitsy.  It was utilized with MUCH thanks and appreciation. It really made the dinner for me. 
After we were done eating the gang headed downstairs, we lite a fire, 
Got comfy…
Watched Linus tell us the Christmas story, 
And of course read, “Why Giving is Nice.”
While skyping with Malia and Caitlin, we opened some family gifts. 
Including the kids gift to mom. 
We each opened a couple of gifts. 
Including Nick’s last gift of the month. 
Wrapped to through me off. 
It was a SWEET Abraham Lincoln shirt that I had been eyeing forever, and a pin. Seriously, this year of gifts was one of the best gifts I EVER received.  
Belle’s sweet gift to Maryn. 
Which of course let to tears. Sisterly love tears of course. 
Then we opened Brandon and Leah’s gifts to us…
Which lead to more tears.
Mirah especially LOVED hers. 
She kept saying, “It’s my Penny Shirt!”
Maryn gave her a new hat and mitten set, which she will not stop wearing. 

Things were winding down and we opened our Christmas Jammy’s. 
The boys brought their new Christmas PJ’s too. 
The gang all left and we watched our Christmas movie, The Lego Movie.
Went to bed tired, full, and happy. 

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