Melanie’s Wedding

After a quick drive up to Logan, a bite to eat at the Hicken’s, and a short drive to the temple, we were sat together in a lovely sealing room in the Logan temple and witnessed our dear cousin Melanie be sealed for time and all eternity to her sweet Chris Ransom.  

After the ceremony, we grabbed the kids, and headed back to the temple to watch the couple as they came out of the temple.

Lots of little kids, and thankfully grandparents there as we waited. 

We could see through the door as the couple was about to exit. 

Such a lovely couple!

Our little gang. 

The Hite family. 

The family was busy taking pictures. 

Judah noticed that he and Karl were wearing the same type of sweater. 
Cute boys. 

In between the sealing and the reception, there was a dinner.  Mirah passed out while we waited. 
The tables were set and we were ready to eat.
We sat together. 

Dinner was served. 
Once everyone was eating, the bride and groom sang a song. The brothers and sister roasted the newly weds. And family toasts were given. It was a really nice evening. 
We wanted to try and say hi.  But the bride and groom were sot after people. 
We managed to get a quick picutre. 

It was getting late, and the weather on that side of the mountains was turning bad.
So we decided to head home.
Congrats to Melanie and Chris. It was a lovely day for our family. 

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