Its a Wonderful Spudnut Life

One of my FAV Christmas traditions:
Watching it’s a wonderful life and eating spudnuts.
This year we kicked it up a notch and had a pot of soup potluck.
Betsy brought her delicious chili. I made chicken noodle soup with home made noodles. Krysta made her famous cheddar broccoli soup.  
Karl and Krysta were at the fryer. 
Karl…doing it. 
The delicious result. 
Lynnelle arrived in town earlier that day, so we there with us to enjoy the evening. 
She seemed to be enjoying herself. Mirah was of course so happy to have her grandma with here with us. 
Additionaly the boys seemed to be enjoying themselves. 
We finished cooking only about half of the dough.
We made a few dozen, though and everyone ate and ate. We finished the eating downstairs since it was getting late and we hadn’t even started the movie!

We watched MOST of it’s a wonderful life, but cut it short since it was getting late and the kids were getting tired. Maybe next year. 

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