Karen turns 7

So miss Karen turned 7!!! I couldn’t beleive it! When she came into the restaurant, India Place of course, we met with a big HUG! I told he I can’t believe how big she was getting…just one more year until she gets baptized!!!
Karen and her wonder and proud Mama. 
Other fun stuff…Karen is in the fun phase of loosing teeth. 
OH NO, all but one of her top teeth is out…
Just kidding, it is just a really loose tooth. 
The Whitmore family on their special night. 
Karl was there too…
Logan, Jacqueline and story were in the house! 
Kai and his room mate whose name I didn’t catch were also there. 
We came straight from Mirah’s recital, she was still a dressed up. 
Belle and me were there too. 
We had a delicious dinner of Lassi, and salad and Naan and Sag.
Then they brought Karen a mango ice cream with a candle. 

Krysta had also come prepared. 
Then it was time to open presents. 
A new book from Grandma Pipi. She was over the moon about it. 
We got her a years subscription to National Geographic Kids
Then her parents had a series of gifts that didn’t seem to have any connection, except…
That they were all super sciencey! I was a huge tool kids of Science stuff with a book full of science experiments. 
Good food, good friends, and a good times. 

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