Mirah’s Dance Recital

So after weeks of practice and dancing together to “Away in a Manger” the night of Mirah’s dance recital finally came. We got her all dressed up and ready to go. 
While we waited for Karl to get home we practiced together. 

This is Mirah making a “window.” 
Karl was running late so we almost didn’t make it. The recital took place at the Pleasant Grove Junior High School auditorium. When we arrived AFTER the recital started, there was a line out the door still trying to get in! The auditorium was PACKED. When we got back to the waiting room all the other kids from our class were waiting for us. 
So funny story. My sweet mom ordered this sweet jammy outfit for me. I showed it to all of the other mom’s in the class and they all decided ti would be fun to match! The instruction was to come in your jammy’s. There is a little boy in our class, and he came as an Elf. 
Here are the kids:
With their fearless leader, Miss Jessie. 
Moments after we go there, they brought our little kiddos to the stage, we were first!
Waiting in the wings. 
Miss Jessie giving the kids a pep talk. 
So the lighting from the audience was really hard. None of my pictures turned out. 
Here are some of the better pictures, after I tried to adjusting the levels, rather unsuccessfully. 
She did so well. The video was terrible also, but when Karl gets it to me I will post it here. 
Mirah did really well. She stayed on her mark, and did most of the movements. She was SOOO cute. 
In the audience with us afterwards, Mirah was loving to watch the other kids dance. 

I asked her, “Didi you have fun??”
She replied, “yeah mom, I loved the recital!” 

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