The Aquarium

Another gloomy day in Utah. 
We are cheered by the never ending things to do here in Utah. 
Our awesome real estate agent Craig gave a a bunch of free tickets to the Aquarium in…Riverton maybe. 
The last time we had gone was that terrible day when we didn’t get our passports…Mexico…*sigh*
This picture:
BUT since then they have moved locations to a brand new facility and it is pretty impressive. 
We wondered the exhibits. 
We stopped pretty early on to smush a penny. 
 There is an octopus on it. Mirah held it in her hand the rest of the day. Or in her pocket, then would freak out if she didn’t know where it was. On one such freak out, it was in her fist, in her pocket. 

 I think her favorite exhibit was the penguins. She just laughed and pointed and pretended to be a penguin by laying on her stomach and “swimming.” SO CUTE. 
 Belle and Mirah looking a the Jelly’s.

 Mirah really enjoyed the cuddle fish. 

Fun place. Glad I didn’t pay for tickets this time. 
We met up with Cameron and Kelly and sweet little Sloan for lunch. We had Vietnamees. So, basically a perfect day. 

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