The SLC Lights!

Another fun Christmas tradition accomplished:
We felt like the lights this year were extra special and bright. 
Karl, me, Mirah, Chelsea, Betsy and the boys traveled what ended up being almost and hour and a half to get there. I am really surprised that we made it. We went to Curry Fried Chicken for dinner for some wonderful middle eastern style food. YUM!
Then Temple Square!
These kids…they are getting SO big!
Mirah could hardly stay in the stroller. She was so excited by everything that we saw. 
These pink lights always make me think of Mom. The first time I ever went to temple square Maryn and I spent the whole time barfing in the bathroom, so I didn’t get to see everything. Mom came back to tell us how pretty the pink lights were. I remember thinking,”neat mom.” Now I love them too. 
Betsy had never been before. She seemed pretty impressed. 

I think that there were more lights this year. It just seemed so bright!

We of course went to listen to the Nativity presentation. 

The night was warm. But it was getting SO late and we had to get home. 

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