Museum with The Boys and Grandma Pippy

To the dinosaur museum we went! And since we go so often, I guess I thought it would be more fun to just show you some pictures of the kids

IMG_1807.JPG IMG_1808.JPG

Playing and having a total blast.

IMG_1813.JPG IMG_1811.JPG
IMG_1815.JPG IMG_1810.JPG

We ran into an old collage friend of our and their daughter who was a new baby when we lived next door. Riley Rose Ryder.

IMG_1816.JPG IMG_1817.JPG

These little kids insisted that we take a picture here.



IMG_1823.JPG IMG_1824.JPG

Then again here.

IMG_1825.JPG IMG_1826.JPG
IMG_1827.JPG IMG_1828.JPG

See, mom was with me. She helped me with these crazy kids.

IMG_1829.JPG IMG_1830.JPG
IMG_1831.JPG IMG_1832.JPG


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