Thanksgiving Day 2014

So, the day after we finished moving in all of our things from our apartment we hosted our first thanksgiving at our new house!

The kids were the first people to respond to the call to dinner. They all rushed right up! 

What thanksgiving dinner would be ready if without PARTY JUICE! 
Betys, looking really happy. I was happy too. 
I husband and my father. Best buddies. 
Mom getting dad to smile. 

My two beautiful sisters. 
First a crazy one.
Then a cute one. 
The food was served. My typical Thanksgiving dinner. 
Then I remembered my Thanksgiving day head dresses! 

A picture with our real-estate agent Craig. 
Meanwhile at the kids table. 
I love this series of pictures. I think my sister Maryn took them. I call it, Making Dad Smile. 

The Pipkin Ladies. Missing cute Krystin. 
I was passed out as soon as dinner was over. 
On a good note, things are really coming together in the house.

This year there is SO much to be thankful for. SO much. Our home, our wonderfully helpful family. Our health. Also that Thanksgiving day is over, and now I can put my head down, and get this house set up. 

One thought on “Thanksgiving Day 2014

  1. So it tomorrow is my due date. But I have a three week old baby (well he will be three weeks old tomorrow.) Something that I left out of this post was that when I woke up for the first time that in my new home, in my new bed, I took a pregnancy test, and I found out that I was pregnant. I knew to take the test that morning because I was taking clomyd. That is a medication that makes you ovulate, which it turns out was out problem all along. We decided to try again before we knew that we would for sure be moving, the overlap was not intentional. I told Karl as soon as I took another test. I told my mom as soon as she was up that morning. Then I told Krysta. Of course. Then, when we were all seated for dinner, I stood up and said that I was so thankful for my new home, my family, and that I found out that I was pregnant that morning. Betsy's face and pose with the apple cider is an homage the thanksgiving that I announced that I was pregnant with MIrah, when I took a picture of here with her mom's reaction to our news. See this post.: . Now here I am 9 months later, sitting next to our new little family member Lucas, it is odd to see how much my life has changed. Funny also to realize that I have been pregnant the whole time I lived here. I have been so sick my entire pregnancy, it is so exciting to imagine the increase in my quality of life coming up.

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