Meeting Santa, Again

So lets kick this thing off by mentioning that Mirah doesn’t have the best history meeting santa.
Here she is meeting Santa at her first Christmas:
Here she is meeting Santa again the next year. Fail. 
So this year, we spent the whole month of November talking up Santa. So when we came to see the same Santa, at the Riverwoods like every year before, I think she was finally ready. 
She was a little unsure at first. 
She walked right up to him and said, “Hi Santa. I want a wagon and an Elsa dress, and a tea set.”
When you go to Riverwoods on the first Monday of the December, things are nice a calm. 
We went to Costa Vida for dinner for chicken tortilla soup. YUM. 
The Shops at Riverwoods are so magical at Christmas time. 

We went to Blinkenstaff’s toy store. Mirah was in heaven. Super fun night. 

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