Adventures with a Busted Arm

 So here she is two days after starting antibiotics and in a sling, Mirah is feeling SO much better.
She is doing stuff all on her own again.
Here she is eating breakfast. 
Look at that little face.
We were on the fence about going to dance class, but Mirah was so anxious to go so we went. 
Dance class proved to be a little tricky. But still her spirits were high. 
Mirah’s class mates didn’t seem to mind.

Her teacher Miss Jessie was really sweet with her. 

We are getting ready to move, the house closes in a week, and we have so much to do. Now that Mirah is feeling better it is easier to get things done. Like clear out the garden. We had a few cold weather plants like onions and carrots that were still holding on strong. 
SO many onions. 
After all of that was done, we still had lots to do to get it cleaned out. 

Mirah kept busy with the snow shovel. 

Which also proved to be tricky. 

Wr are getting there.
After a few long days of packing, we took a break to meet up with our cousins and Betsy for a play date at Veterans Memorial Park in Provo. 
Mirah pulling it off. 

The kids ran off. Which was terrifying, but a good sign about Mirah’s spirits. 

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