The New House

SO…we are under contract for this house. It is looking like this is going to happen people. 
Just a couple of weeks from now… this could be our first home!
Just a note, in the spring we are going to paint the house, and the door.
For me, there is not tons of curb appeal, but the inside more than makes up for it. 
As soon as possible, I am going to scoop up all of that terrible red bark. 
I LOVE this little nook. 
Our view of Timp from the front window. 

We are going to repaint this kitchen, just to match the rest of the house. 
Karl is excited to redo this counters. He wants to do stained concrete. 

Sweet spinning Jenny for some pots and pans! 

Great view of our back yard from the kitchen windows. 
A bar! 
A garage, with electric garage door opener. 

Downstairs 3/4 bath. For guests. 

The basement. 
Cold storage room. 


One bedroom.

2 bedroom.

Our bedroom.


We are so excited!

3 thoughts on “The New House

  1. Yeah! First homes are awesome. I'm so happy for you. You will just love your own space. It's the best feeling in the world to have "Your own home!" Keep us posted. I love the white kitchen, hardwood floors. It looks wonderful! Plenty of room for your family. Congrats!!!

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