Halloween Week Activities

The week of the Kiki costume, way too much candy and lots of fall fun!

We did end up toasting the pumpkin seeds from Monday’s pumpkin carving. 
They are not Karl’s favorite. Mirah and I loved to snack on them. 
Dance class was also special. The kids came in their costumes. 
Mirah doing her stretches.

I bought this little outfit for $3.00. Not the sweater but the rest of it. 
Since she wanted to be in costume all day, we started here. We went to IHOP for breakfast. 
There was a free scary pancake with adult entry. It didn’t look quite like the picture. 

We had visits from friends throughout the day. 
We skipped the nap so we could get everything in. 
Ready for trick or treating. 
We started at Macey’s. 
They had tons of activities going on in the store like this little number. 
They also had crafty food tables. 

We left with bunches of candy. Mirah really wanted to each all the candy and was mad at me when I said no. Sad Kiki. 
Next we went to the Provo City Building. 

We met up with this little lady:
She is Artimus. 
The girls together. 

We walked down main street. The stores and restaurants were giving out candy and there were other kids in costume everywhere. 

Mirah and I had to run out a little early. 
We had to get to the Qualtrics Halloween Party! 

There are always awesome costumes!

There was a DJ with a dance floor, and the kids were having a ball!
After the party, we went over to Nitsy’s house to take pictures of the kids. 

One more fun thing to watch. 

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