Saturday Party Time

Saturday. We met up with Nick for breakfast at our favorite place, Guru’s.
While Karl and Nick ordered, the kids and I enjoyed the bakery case. 
Blueberry pancakes, YEAH!
Sharing water. 
We came home, made a pot of chili,
 got dressed and headed over to our ward Halloween party!
We dressed Mirah as a candy corn. 
I got the costume on a screaming deal for just $3. 
In the end, Karl ended up in my halo because I couldn’t drive with it…
Fun costumes and friends from the ward. 
Rachel Sackett as Link!
Her necklace says, “Hey, Listen!”
Bishop Sperry, Sister Pitcher (Mirah’s Nursery Leader) and Alex Leyva. 
Lunch began.
The Jump family. They were teachers in our Primary. 
Kelcie Hansen and one of her Twins…Haley or is that Melanie…
Well, here they are together anyway. 
Here is their dad with their big brother Jackson. As the Cat in the Hat. 
Mirah loved them.
Anther set of twins, Celab and Josh Hubbard with Marino. 
Liam and Mekenzie Wood. 
The Brewer Family. 
The Houlin Family
The Ricks Family. Lucy, Cohen and Chelsea. 
Jodi and Porter Coleman. 
Mylie Louder and Emily Mckee.
Cheri Brewer and Katie Winkleman.
Brother Awerkemp…
Parker and Ed Louder

Wes and Camille
Bishop and Sister Lewellen. 
The Hills. 
The Canival games began and my little candy corn was overjoyed. 
There was also pumpkin painting. Karl got a little proud of his pumpkin and gave himself first prize, where there was no contest. 

Karl also did this one…
keeping up tradition. 
We ended up with like 6 pumpkins. Our doorstep is overflowing. 

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