Family Date Night-Halloween Cruise Edition

So, it was Friday night. The night of Grandma’s viewing. We were all kind of in a funky mood. We needed to get out. So we headed over to West Provo to get so dinner and good times.
Our first stop was Great Steak. We had great cheese steak sandwiches. 

Mirah found these Doritos on our way in and wouldn’t rest until they were hers. It was luckily dinner time so I didn’t mind obliging her. 
Then we went to the Clas Ropes Course for their annual Halloween Cruise. 
It was a fun event. It felt like a family affair. These kids were running the snack table, so we had to get a treat. 
We waited at the entrance for the all clear to board. 
The captian arrived and lead us through the entrance. 
Kids under 12 had to wear life vests. 
Mirah was cooperative. 
Fun signs decorated the path to the boats. 

We got on the bardge and went down the river. The boat was pulled along by the captain. He enteratined us with funny pirate jokes and told us all about the hand carved pumpkins along the ride. We were moing the whole time so I was never able to get a very good shot of the lights. 

It was quite magical. Like Pirates of the Caribbean meets a elementary school Halloween carnival. 
It was full of surprises. We enjoyed the slow and quiet boat ride up and down the provo river. 

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