Kiki Costume

So after many failed plans Mirah decided to be Kiki for Halloween this year.
Who is Kiki? Well she is a little witch from one of Mirah’s favorite movies, Kiki’s Delivery Service. 
This is the year of Elsa, so Kiki costumes were nowhere to be found. I enlisted the help of my always kind beautiful and generous friend Krysta. We bought the material last week before we went out of town. She came over on Friday to help me make the dress. She had a pattern for us to use. 
She modified it and make the patter cut outs for me like an angel. 
Yes, I did sew the dress (well everything but the sleeves) but I would have been NOWHERE with out Krysta. 
It was a tag team effort. 

Getting close…
Krysta’s ingenious Bow pattern. 

Krysta insisted that she do the sleeves. 
The final product. 
It only took 3 1/2 hours and two determined moms. 

Equaled one happy little Kiki. 
Photo Shoot!

More fun times to come. Jiji, her little black cat is still on his way.
I think it turn out just GREAT!

UPDATE: 10/6/2015
I just found a video of Mirah telling us all about her costume last year, and I am dying. She is so cute and sweet. I love her so much. This video is precious and perfect so I thought this would be the best place to store it. Enjoy.

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